Pane casareccio di Genzano Igp

Pane casareccio di Genzano Igp - Homestyle bread

The historic origins of Pane Casereccio di Genzano are linked to the farming traditions of this area of production. Bread was made by every single family and baked in wood burning ovens known as 'soccie'. This bread was already appreciated in the last century for its peculiar characteristic, but since the 40s it has gained a very positive reputation first among the inhabitants of Rome and later also outside the region of Lazio. The secret for its particularities and inimitability is in the use of the instruments used in local traditions, and to the processes which have been passed on from generation to generation, and last but not least, the very strong bond between the product, the water and air respired in this particular area of Italy.



Genzano bread can be served with any other side plate, but it makes a delicious antipasto when toasted and spread with extra virgin olive oil: this is obviously the typical bruschetta.





I.D. card

Bakery product
The Pane casareccio di Genzano is commercialized in the form of round or long loaves with a weight of 0,5 to 2,5 kg
The aroma and fragrance of this bead are owed to the acid yeast and the quantity and variety of cereals used
Place of production
The area of production includes the entire area of the province of Genzano
Selling periodo
All year round
Normative references
European registration with regulation CE 23256/97 17 issued on GUCE L322/97 dated 25th November 1997

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