"Tagliatelle di crespelle" with Gorgonzola Dop cheese


Piatto con porzione di crespelle con gorgonzola sciolto

The crpes
Beat the eggs and incorporate the flour, the milk, the water, salt and oil. Warm a non-stick crpe pan, pour on the mixture little by little to make 10 crpes. Roll every crpe and cut into slices about 2 cm wide. In the meantime melt the Gorgonzola cheese bain-marie with the cream. Put 2/3 of the Gorgonzola cheese seasoning and the crpes cut into slices in a pan, stir delicately in order to flavour the "tagliatelle". Serve in small bowls sprinkled with the remaining seasoning.



For 4 people

4 eggs
0.5 l. of milk
120 g of flour
15 ml of cold water
20 g of extra virgin olive oil
120 g of Gorgonzola Dop cheese
50 ml of cream
salt to taste

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